Hill decent added to T6.1

The new transporter has lots of secrets but this one we cracked. 

Fold your mirrors on your factory fitted folding mirrors for R8-TT-A3-Golf6-Scirocco..

 We have a special way to add this feature to the comfort close system so that you can hold the lock button for a few seconds and the wing mirrors will auto fold. They will unfold with ignition on. Check out the video of the R8 we did recently.  No aftermarket modules or wiring needed! There is an audio description before we press the button just in case your wondering why it's taking so long ;-)

R&D can be interesting…

Ever wonder where new products come from? A successful testing on our in house test car helps bring new products to our customers. In this instance a successful integration of the Automatic parking system which is now available for the Golf MK8.